Our exclusive Sea Spa offers harmony, balance and well-being in a warm and peaceful atmosphere which enhances the process of relaxation of body and mind. With exclusive areas for women and men where they will be able to separately enjoy modern Finnish saunas, Scottish showers, dry saunas with chromotherapy and treatment rooms.

A modern air-conditioned room with an outstanding view to our private wood, fresh water to keep the body always hydrated, a complete machine set, bicycles for spinning, treadmills, among others, which guarantee the development of any training routine  or simply offer a safe and efficient recreational option.


Health Club | You will enjoy a wide variety of treatments and massages.


Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation.

Swedish massage

Varied techniques designed to relax the muscles by means of applying pressure againt deep bones and muscles.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Soft, slow and rythmical massage technique that emulates a caress, with the aim to remove detritus though lymphatic outlets.

Cellulite reducer

“Kneading” massage technique that squeezes and pulls adipose tissue to enhance absorption of thermal gel or reducer lotion; use of cryogenic gel (cold shock) to stimulate the blood flow and increase oxygen as a result.


Natural essential oils combined with warm water to enhance muscle relaxation and activate the blood flow.


Special massage technique applying pressure on reflex areas that correspond to the different organs of the body.

Scalp massages

Treatment to release scalp tension and increase blood irrigation by means of massage, physiotherapy and fingertip pressure application.

Corporal threatments

Mud therapy

Application of facial mask made of active thermal mud mixed with thermal water.

Chocolate therapy

Chocolate hydrates, nourishes, restores and protects from all environmental aggressions.


Micronized-marine -algae body wrap.

Facial threatment.

Silk balance spa treatment

Developed to protect, refresh and leave the skin silky and soft all day long.

Hydro stress-relieving treatment

Dry live yeast cells are essential to help relieve visible stress signs and skin fatigue.

(all treatments have an aditional cost)

Leisure pool

Antistress water circuit

It has loungers with waterjets, swan necks, spanish waterfall and chromotherapy. The pool is surrounded by large windows overlooking a lush private forest.

Personal attention by professionals who will escort you to perform your routines through a pleasant experience.

Under 16 enter for 13-16 hrs. accompanied by their parents.

Menores de 16 años ingresan de 13 a 16 hrs. acompañados de sus padres.

Fitness Center


Modern heated rooms with a privileged panoramic view of our forests, fresh water to keep always the body hydrated, a complete set of machines, bikes, treadmills, spinning, etc.