Green and sand, the birds singing, the sounds of the sea… Every corner of Rincón del Duende is a unique and different place, where the beach and the forest are merged into a safe, comfortable and exclusive atmosphere.

Our policy

Our Mission

Provide excellent services in harmony with the unique and unrepeatable location around us, convinced that the commitment to the environment, the satisfaction of our guests, and personal and professional fulfillment of our employees, are the ways to reach this objective.

Our Vision

Being recognized by guests, employees and colleagues, as a leading company in regional hospitality

Rincon del Duende recognize:

  • guests are our reason for being,
  • the impact caused by surprises and unexpected actions in guest satisfaction,
  • the quality of a company can never exceed the quality of the people working on it,
  • our privileged location on the beach and in turn, into the forest of Mar de las Pampas,
  • the activities we develop have an impact on the environment,
  • everything measurable can be improved.

And we are committed to

  • reduce the environmental impact of all services & activities that relate directly or indirectly to the Resort, also influencing stakeholders to engage in the same direction,
  • establish good management practices to be able to reach our commitment with guests and prevent pollution generation through continuous improvement techniques,
  • cumplir con la legislación aplicable tanto a nivel nacional, provincial y con los acuerdos a los que se adhiera,
  • comply with national, provincial and local legislation and other private agreements,
  • comply with the principles of sustainable tourism,
  • maintain open communication with the community and other stakeholders,
  • use reduction mechanisms of waste generation, proper management of effluent and a rational use of resources, in a context of economic sustainability,
  • properly manage the human, physical and technological resources to minimize environmental impact and exceed the expectations of guests and customers, committing ourselves to give them more than they expect, year after year.

To this end, the Board of Rincon del Duende, supported by all its staff, promotes and implements a system of continuous improvement of management in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ECOETIQUETA HOTELES MAS VERDES standards, in order to maintain over time the correct operational and human resources needed to achieve its objectives and goals.